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Bits And Pieces

I am pieces that go perfectly together...
Some of them will be secretively stored forever.


My circuits do not connect with who you are...
My life source is my simple heart held by shards.


The memories are always stored in my microchip...
Each day I learn more only for intelligence to farther slip.


My armor can't be penetrated, it's the strongest steel..
Yet there are so many things which I still can deeply feel.


I am to my creators a cyborg who is meant to be controlled...
But no matter how hard they try they will never posses my soul.


But even though I do not fight to stay alive...
I am haunted by my own nightmares deep inside.


Before I became parts and pieces of no emotions or joy...
I remember the words love whispered to me which did employ...
There is a broken up girl... For every broken down boy.

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