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Deviant Cart Terms Of Use License 
This is a legal agreement between you and Deviant Cart. If you proceed to buy any products, you hereby signify that you have agreed to all of the terms and conditions set forth below. The products are only licensed to you, they are not sold to you.  Deviant Cart grants you a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable, non-sub-license to use the products. This license is valid only with respect to the products and only if you have paid the applicable fee. All rights are reserved and will be revoked if you do not follow these terms of use.


What You Are Permitted:
A ) For personal or commercial use. 
B ) For advertising or promotional use. 
C ) For website or in any electronic devices. 
D ) Use the items bought for use in books or magazines. 
E ) In broadcast, multimedia, video games or animation (many applications as necessary). 
F ) The products may be modified for individual style and appearance.


What You Are Not Permitted:
A ) Market the products. 
B ) Distribute the products. 
C ) Give away the products. 
D ) Transfer the products to other parties. 
E ) Sell or sub-license the products in any form except in video games, movies or similar projects.


NOTE: We don't provide any physical models, we deliver computer files and downloadable content only.

Payments for the members when they sell in the Shop is done once a month, you must have a minimum of $1 to receive your payment. All payments are given via the following payment services:



Debit Cards

Credit Cards

Bank Transfer


You are required to have at least one of the mentioned services (preferably Paypal) to have the money you made sent to you.

Yes, you may sale your items anywhere else but it would be best not to give your items for free because if found for free in another site, it will be considered stolen and will be deleted from the site, in addition your account will be banned. Always watermark your original work to save you the trouble from having it uploaded in other places or at least let everyone know it really belongs to you.

The website only takes a 10% commission for its service to its sellers. This means that you will get 90% of whatever you sold regardless how much you sold. But remember to always keep in mind the Shop Rules at the forums.

The Gallery is an area where you share images with everyone else. You may post images that do not belong to you as long as you do not mention you created them. Anything and everything posted on the Gallery section of the website are not sold and free, do not post items as in same photographs/digital art/pictures in this section if they are being sold in the Shop section.

When stolen content is found by a member, you should contact an Administrator or an Attendant via a Private Message with the information. To help you find them faster, here are the members and their accounts:


Founder: Esexy
Administrator: Playmate
Primary Attendant: Slade
Secondary Attendant: Virus

Depending on the size of your item is how long it will take to upload. Large files take a lot of time to upload, while small files upload instantly.

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