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Heartstop 3D Modeling


I personally enjoy creating low polygon 3D models with high regards to the level in detail on teh texture map of the model. I very much like to create the lowest possible models and then highly detail them through the form of their texture map. This in turn gives low polygon 3D models a very nice realistic look despite their low polygon count. This also helps save memory and resource in video games and does less impact on performance. I started 3D modeling back when Need For Speed: High Stakes came out, using a program at the time called AutoCAD and Zmodeler to create 3D models of cars for the game itself as mods. After a while I took up classes in school on Digital Art and majored in it, and now I really mostly have found testing my skills in having the less possible polygons on a 3D model and the highest realistic look via its texture map. I meanly enjoy creating spaceships and World War 2 planes, along with jets and generic items. My items are mostly useful for mobile games, but their high textured details can make them useful for much more.

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Added: Heartstop (2015-10-16)
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