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Solair 3D Modeling


I dedicate myself in creating very nicely detailed high quality 3D models of cars. Most of the time I also create equal detailed interiors for each. Almost all my products have doors that can open and close, not all of them have this feature.



I enjoy creating all kinds of vehicles, but mostly focus on exotic cars ranging from Lamborghini  and Mercedes-Benz to even custom own original vehicles like my Titan Hotrod. I also create super bikes, wreaked vehicles and just about anything with an engine and wheels on it.



I'm always open for freelancing jobs and do not mind to create custom cars for those in need. I also have a very good way to create 3D models of vehicles without even using a blueprint and from eye site alone. So if you ever require some high quality 3D models with wheels on it, you can always contact me for the job.

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