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AnimPixels is a program to create pixelized animated movies. By adding movie components you can create a movie that can then be saved to a video file. In the Movie Edition Form, you can construct each scene background by adding fixed elements, like grass, sidewalks, walls, ladders, etc. Then, you can add moving components (sprites) to your movie (such as characters, cars, animals, trains, buses, doors) adding them into the timeline that will appear at the bottom of the interface, and setting the movements they should perform. You can use pre-made components, make your own components using the built-in component editor, or download components from the web. Now you can even upload to the website the components that you have designed. You can preview the movie at any stage of the process, in order to check if everything is in the right place. Once you are satisfied with your project, you can save it to an .AVI file (that can be played in almost every player) or to an animated .GIF, that you can include in a website for everyone to see, without any player, just the web browser.

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